Wedding Today

My granddaughter is getting married in about 40 minutes and I can’t go because I have bronchitis……….darn!I’ll post pictures here later.Been a while since I’ve been on here,been sick and doing sewer work and getting our bathroom back to useable and that;s no fun at all.Have a great Saturday everyone…..hugs Tin panels I bought for… Read More


Been a while since I’ve been here,I’ll have to try and do better.We have 26 degrees and freezing rain at the moment,ugh!Winter is here.We got a new puppy and named her Muffy.Posting a picture below.Hard to believe Thanksgiving is one week away.Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!Be back later(((Hugs)))Kaye


Hi everyone it’s starting to get cooler in my neck of the woods.It was 39 this morning and rain on the way.I thought long and hard and decided to go back on my hormone patches.I couldn’t stand the terrible hot flashes and the itching seems better too.I know hormones can really mess you up and… Read More

First October Post 2013

I’ve been pretty lax about writing on m blog but I really haven’t had to much to write about lately.I did develop another allergy in the past couple weeks,itching like all get out.The Doctor said that this weather with all the pollen in the air can do it so I take benadryll and that seems… Read More